How To View Call Log From My Cell On My Computer?


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If you want to view the call log of your cell phone on your computer, there are a few options that you can try.

Some network providers allow you back up and import the content of your mobile phone on to your computer. By connecting your cell phone up to your computer, you can synchronize your call log and message log onto your computer. This is particularly helpful as a way of backing up all the data stored on your cell.

Most network providers also allow you to view call logs, message logs and a variety of other things by logging on to their website. This will most likely require you to sign up for an account and tie it together with your current mobile phone number. From here, you can view your call history, duration of the calls and other pieces of information.

In some cases, you may also be able to view the corresponding phone number that came with the calls and text messages. However, with respect to individual privacy, some providers do not display the numbers or the contents of a text message by order of the law.

You must take note that it is illegal for you to view other people’s call and message logs without their permission. If you were to log on to another person’s account and begin viewing their call log, you are committing a serious crime that is punishable in court. Regardless of the motives behind why you are checking these details, it is a criminal offence.

If you want to view particular details like the contents of a text message, this will not be permitted unless there is a very serious reason for it to be done.
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With major cell phone carriers, you can log onto the home page and register for an account. Once you have the account, you can view the phone log of incoming and outgoing calls, time spent for each call, minutes remaining on your plan, etc. Some carriers will let you see the phone numbers attached to incoming and outgoing text messages, while others just make a note that there was a text. My attorney said that text message content -- no matter whose name is on the account -- has to be ordered/requested by the court to be pulled from the archives. Judge won't do it unless there is a very valid reason.
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I need to know how to check my  cricket call history from from computer
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My cricket phone was stolen and I want to see the call log on it to know who it might have been
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There is no "LAW" that blocks the owner of an account (i.e. "cell phone") from seeing the inbound and outbound numbers, whether voice or text. It is absurd to think that this information is a violation of your own privacy. The contents of the voice or text call ARE private and that IS covered by law. Unfortunately, Sprint (with their "affidavit required" policy and Verizon with their "court order required" policy) have both severely over-reacted using privacy as an excuse not to provide the phone numbers. This really intrudes on parental rights -- when involving children -- and raises questions about who owns their own data. (In medical, your medical records and history are ultimately yours, even if you have to fight for it.)

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