How Do I Unlock Puk Code On My iphone 4?


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Adam Yare answered
The PUK code is usually only requested if you have incorrectly entered your pin code into the phone.

If this is the case and you've entered your pin code incorrectly less than three times then you simply have to type in your PUK code when it requests it on the screen. If it hasn't come up automatically on the screen then you need to turn your iPhone 4 off and then back on again. Once it is turned on, the PUK code should be requested; type the code in and you should gain access to your phone again.

However, if you have incorrectly put in your pin code three times or more than this will unfortunately lock the sim card permanently. This means you won't be able to access any data on the sim card. If a different sim card is inserted in your iPhone 4 then it will work fine.

Therefore if you think your sim card may have been permanently blocked, then you must contact your service provider and tell them. Their usual procedure is to issue you with a new sim card. You should still be able to keep your number but if your contacts, pictures and messages were only saved to your sim card then unfortunately they may be lost forever.

Once you receive your new sim card simply swap it over with the locked on and your phone should again be in fully working order.
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If you go to this site and browse the support page you should find some ideas there. On the left is a technical support section which should be useful, or you can use the  contact information to contact the help desk directly. Otherwise I would suggest you contact the support number that comes with your phone's user manual.
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Call your service provider (Verizon, AT&T, or whoever it is). 
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Slobodan urdovski , iPhone unlocking / jailbreak expert., answered

I have a service called Unlockboot that unlocks iPhone 5 from AT&T USA.

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If you want to unlock PUK code for your iPhone 4then first you need to browse to your carrier’s website and enter your account login, or follow the prompts to register. This will include entering details such as your telephone number and name. A request for a PUK code ("Personal Unlocking Key") will appear on your phone if your SIM card PIN code is entered 3 consecutive times incorrectly. Call the company u got the phone from & they will give u the code.


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