What Is Puk Code Of My Idea Sim?


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There is no way of you finding the puk code for the sim card that you have by looking online. You will cone across many different ways in which people say that you can find the puk code but you need to bare in mind that it is different for different countries and phone companies. The only thing that you can do is to call the customer service number that you have and provide them with the mobile number for your sim card and the number of the sum card itself which can be found on the sim.

Alternatively, depending on the phone company that you are with, you may be able to find the puk code that you are looking for if you go on their websites. This is going to depend on how the phone company likes to deal with these things and if they think it is safe to have the system online.

However, you can be sure that you will be able to have the puk code that you are looking for when you call customer services. You will have to call off of another phone and number as you will not be able to use the sim that is asking for a puk code.

You can be sure that the process is going to be as quick as possible to ensure that you can use the sim as soon as the code is delivered to you over the phone. If you do not want to do this you may be able to try the internet but all puk codes are different and therefore the most successful way in which you are going to find what you are looking for is going to be through customer services that are in place.
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9951127303this is cell no, its sim no is 89910704200008303983 please give me puk code please.
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Idea puk cord mob 8651856699
sim no 8991702003105805862 H 2
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Sir my sim card blocked my idea no. 8057541007
sim no. 8991561106321250332
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Hey guys there is a very easy way to know your puk code for idea delhi subscribers you hav send a message
(puk your phne number)         like   (puk 9990980...) and send it to 55811 and you receive a message enter puk code and after that enter a pin 1234 and again 1234.
Me rajnish wish this help you
sorry but you have to message from any person cell coz not urs

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