What is the full form of ALOHA In computer networking?


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ALOHA in it's full form stands for: Advocates of Linux Open-source Hawaii Association.

It is a computer protocol that was designed at the University of Hawaii in the 70's for use with satellite communication systems in the Pacific.

The protocol itself is quite simple. When a frame* arrives for transmission, the user transmits the frame, and awaits an acknowledgement. If this acknowledgement arrives, the process is complete, and we know that the transmission of the frame was successful. If not, process is completed again.


If two users transmit at the same time, and they overlap, the transmission will be corrupted, and neither device will receive a acknowledgement.

*In this instance, a frame is defined as a packet of data.

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In computer science , ALoHa Stands for Areal Locations Of Hazardous Atmospheres Academic & Science. ALOHA, was a pioneering computer networking system developed at the University of Hawaii. ... In the 1970s ALOHA random access was employed in the nascent Ethernet cable based network and then in the Marisat  satellite network. For more information you can get help at CodeAvail- Online Computer Science Assignment

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