How Do I Get The Shoppers Report Window To Not Pop Up?


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You have a couple options, depending upon if you want to simply avoid the pop ups or to completely remove the program off of your computer.

If you want to avoid the pop up, you’ll be able to select several options. The first is disabling all pop ups. To do this, you’ll go into Internet Explorer or your other browser and go to Tools and then to Pop Up Blocker. You’ll then be given the option to turn off the pop ups. If you want to keep pop ups, but don’t want this one, you can go to Tools and then to Explorer Bars and then unclick the one for shoppers report.

Now, if you don’t want shoppers report on your computer anymore, you can uninstall the program. To do this, you’ll go to the start button and then to the Control Panel. From there you’ll select Add/Remove programs. Scroll down the list until you find the one labeled Shoppers Report. It will then walk you through the entire process to delete it from your computer. You’ll then never have to worry about it popping up again.

Shoppers Report and many other companies put pop ups on computers without the user even realizing that they’re downloading it. They can be annoying when they suddenly take up a portion of a web browser window or have pop ups that come on during the most inopportune times. Some pop ups simply won’t go away unless you make them go away - permanently.

Learning to control how pop ups show up on your computer and how to delete programs will often make your internet viewing much more pleasurable.  Plus, you’ll be able to keep what you’re viewing to yourself instead of being reported to another company.
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In Mozilla Firefox:

Tools====>Options====>General (top left tab)====>Manage Add Ons

====>Extensions Tab====>Disable Shopper Reports====>Restart
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In internet explorer go to :
View > explorer bars > shopper reports (unclick)

it's as easy as that.
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You should be able to disable popups on a site-by-site basis, whether in Internet Explorer or Firefox. In IE the settings are in Tools: Popup Blocker: Popup Blocker Settings... In Firefox the options are in Tools: Options (the Content tab).

It looks like Safari only has a single option across all sites - but you can easily hit Ctrl-Shift-K to turn the blocker on and off.
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I need an answer to this too, as it comes up in everything and seizes up my pc. Its not a popup, I have gone into its options, and disabled everything, but it ignores it and still continues to come up everywhere. I have a popup disabler and it has no effect on this...
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You Can Go Into Your Control Panel

Control Panel > Control Panel Home > Uninstall A Programme > Shopper Reports > Uninstall

:) Took Me A While But I Found Out Lol :)

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