How Do I Get My Auto Adjust To Stop Popping Up On My Monitor?


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This is a common issue with many solutions. In order to stop auto-adjust from popping up on your monitory during use, you should simply reset the monitor back to the factory default settings. Depending on the monitor that you have, this will involve different steps. If you’re not aware how exactly you should go about setting the monitor back to its defaults, you should consult the manual that was provided with it when you bought it. Failing that, get online and find out how to do it either from a forum, digital instructional manual or official webpage.

Once you have done this, you should reinstall the display driver that was also provided with the monitor when you bought it. You may be able to download the driver from the Internet if you have misplaced the CD. Just search around and you’ll no doubt find the driver on one of the many niche websites out there, you may even find it on the official website for the brand of the monitor.

This should solve your problem. Your monitor will be back to its original settings, and it should be working with your computer (or Mac) the way it was when you first bought it. This will get rid of any custom settings that were causing you trouble in the first place.

Some viruses are also known to cause this issue, so if this does not work, then check your system for a virus. Either perform a system restore from the ‘help and support’ section on your computer, or consult your anti-virus software.
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What company's monitor you are using? Some company's monitor give you the ability to disable auto adjust and select a profile.Also exactly what application triggers the auto adjust of your monitor.Also at what resolution you get this problem?For example some monitors start that if they change from 1024x768 to 1024x576.You can also try downloading the latest drivers for both your monitor and video card to get rid of this problem.
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Go to My Computer and right click Local Disk (C):
Go to properties and click on the tab Tools. Press Check Now on error-checking and check the top box to have a disk checkup during startup. Click yes to the question for schedule and then restart your computer and wait for the window to fix any system errors. Hope this will help.

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