How Do I Get Rid Of A Zwinky?


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Simple, you bring it to a shop and they will possible get rid of it, but they may have to restart windows.
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-add or remove programs

-find it and remove

if you can't see there go


--all programs


--system tools

--system restore

--restore my computer to an erlier time

--choose the day before you istall the zwinky


If you can"t you must find the program called "your unistaller"

or  use  this tool :
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Go to tools
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Most of the time, you may want to try uninstalling and removing Zwinky in the Add/Remove programs list entering from the Control
  • Locate and remove Zwinky by deleting the related files, a trained software professional would better do this job.
  • Eliminate the registry entries if you can.
  • Delete connected directions.

            By doing a quick search via the Internet, you can find out what files and registry entries need to be deleted.
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Its easy. Peasy. First, go to start, then all programs, then accessories then system tools then system restore. Then pick the date you installed zwinky. If you can't remember go to your zwinky profile then look at your date of being zwinky below avatar. Then it will restart your computer. Which is good. Then it will uninstall zwinky:)
hope this helped. :D
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Why would you take it to a shop?, 'oh, hello can you get rid of zwinky,'  'no, but we can sell you food!'
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In WinXP, click Start>Control Panel, select "Add or Remove Programs". After the Installed Programs page is fully propagated, look for "My Web Search (Zwinky)" and select "change or remove".
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Usually, Zwinky can be uninstalled by using the Add /Remove Programs. But soem programs are difficult to remove by this, so the best and most convenient method to uninstall the Zwinky is to use Mighty Uninstaller - forced uninstaller tool.

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Click on start>settings> control panel or you can open control panel from My Computer link. Go to add remove programs and find the Zwinky software. When you click on it, a button will appear to remove or uninstall it. Always use control panel to remove any of the installed software.
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This is how you get rid of zwinky without downloading retarted stuff:

Step1-go to the start button
step 2- look on the right section
step 3-press control panel
step 4- press add or remove programs
step 5- wait for the list to load...
Step 6- go down to zwinky and it'll say remove program
step 7- go up to my web search and remove that too
step 8-go back down to smiley central toolbar (or something like that) and remove that
step 9- enjoy your computer with no viruses! (^.^)
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You may not find Zwinky since it is part of the funwebproducts search bar. In addition to "Zwinky" look for "My Web Search" or "FunWebProducts" in the installed programs list. Oh, and if you have Vista it is no longer call "Add Remove Programs" it is now called "Programs and Features"

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