How Do I Jailbreak The Samsung Solstice?


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You are not supposed to jailbreak your cell phone without getting an "unlocking" code directly from the technical support folks at Samsung. Any other method of getting your phone unlocked, or "jailbroken", is improper, and it could void any existing warranties on your mobile communication device hardware. If you're determined to unlock your phone yourself, for free, without dealing with technical support at Samsung, you may want to try these steps:

  • Step one

First, look on your Solstice cell phone to find the Solstice A887 IMEI number; to do this, you need to punch in #06#. If this works, proceed by calling your service provider for your cell phone contract, and ask their support team for an unlocking code for your phone. At this time, the support team may want the IMEI number, but you have this, so you're all set to get the unlock code you need without contacting Samsung support.

  • Step two

Once you've got the unlocking code, switch on your cell phone, but make sure the sim card isn't inside of the phone. Then, punch in #7465625*638*CODE# to do the deed. If everything has worked the way it should, your cell phone should show a message on its screen that says "network lock deactivated". If you see this message, you've really managed to unlock your phone, and you're free to sign on for service with any other provider.

Unlocking a cell phone can lead to some exciting opportunities, such as lower-priced cell phone contracts for service and new and interesting features that you didn't have access to in the past. To make things work, understand that unlocking your phone must be done properly - don't fall for Internet scammers who promise instant unlocks for an assigned fee. It's pretty easy to unlock your own phone, if you're willing to spend a little time and effort doing it. There is really no need to pay someone else to do the job.

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