How To Format A Lg Kp500?


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The easiest way to format the phone memory on an LG KP500 is to perform a memory transfer from the phone to your computer using a USB connection.
1. On your LG KP500, go to 'Settings Connectivity'
2. Then select 'USB Connections'
3. Select the 'Memory Transfer' option
4. Connect the phone to your computer using a USB
5. The phone memory should then appear on your computer, for instance as (F:)
6. Right click on the drive and select 'Format'
Alternatively if you want to format your MicroSD memory card then you can do this through your phone by selecting: 
Menu > Settings > Phone Settings > Memory Manager > External Memory > Format
If you are having problems turning the phone on properly, or if you wish to reset the entire phone, wiping all the memory and restoring it to its original settings, then you can dial 1809#*500# and choose the 'Factory Reset' option.
The KP500 is nicknamed the LG Cookie and is a touchscreen mobile smartphone. It was launched in December 2008 and is seen as an entry-level smartphone because it lacks features such as GPS, 3G or Wi-Fi.
The LG Cookie has a 3-inch, 240 by 400 pixel touchscreen. It also contains an accelerometer motion sensor which allows the screen display to auto-rotate.
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Os download and update for kp500 lg mobile handset
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Press the camera key,call key  & then power on the phone.

This  feature is also use on  NOKIA 5800

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