How Do I Hard Reset An Lg Kp500?


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To perform a hard reset on this particular model of cellphone all you need to do is follow these instructions:

- Type 1809#*500# on the handset's keypad and select the reset option to 'restore factory' settings.
- You will then have a confirmation screen appear - choose 'Yes'.
- If a security code is needed, enter '0000', and your handset will restore itself to its original settings.

To go back to default settings as well, you will be required to go to the standby screen and press 'menu'. You will then need to scroll down to and 'settings' and select it. From this stage, scroll to and select 'reset settings'. After this, scroll down to and select 'master reset'. You should then see a confirmation screen - select 'Yes'. The handset will then ask for a security code. Unless you have previously changed it, this should be '0000'.

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To hard reset an Lg Kp500, you need to press 1809#*500#  and then choose factory reset. Hope I helped.

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