Lg prime gs390 forgot security code?


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If you have forgotten your security code that you put there yourself, then the best thing to do is call up LG Tech Support, and they will walk you step by step through the process of restoring a new security code to the phone. However, there are a couple of other methods to get your phone unlocked again:

  • The default security code to any phone is 0000. If you turned on the security code feature, yet didn't change it, then this will be the security code you need to input to unlock the phone.
  • Attempting to hard reset the phone. However, take extreme caution; a hard reset will clear all data and configuration settings from the LG Prime phone, leaving you with nothing you previously had, unless you back it up first using your computer. Personal data and downloaded content, however, will not be lost. In conclusion, backups are an absolute necessity. To do this:
  • Select main menu from the home screen, then select settings
  • Scroll to and select phone settings
  • Scroll to and select reset settings
  • Tap master reset
  • Tap yes to confirm
LG Prime may automatically reboot and now go through the process of the hard reset.

One final method is using the LG Mobile Support Tool to repair the functionality of the phone. Once you have downloaded it onto your computer, and connected it to your phone, you then select the Customer Support menu, and select the "Recover Phone" option.

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