Samsung Gt S5230 How To Setup Mms?


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Setting up MMS (multi media text messaging) also quite commonly known as picture messaging is quite easy, although there are quite a number of steps involved.

  • Instructions on how to set up MMS
If you want to set up MMS yourself then here are some instructions on how to do it. Firstly you need to open the menu, go onto messages, then settings, then multimedia messages. You should scroll to profiles and then click on create. In the set name box you should type #profile and then enter. In the access name box you should write #MMSAPN and then enter. In the Auth type box you should select #authentication.

In the user ID box, enter #username and in the password box eneter #password and then click enter. In the protocol box you should select #servicetype and in the home URL box you should enter #MMSC and then click done. The last box will be the proxy address box where you should type #MMSProxy: #MMSPort and click enter.

In the Linger time box you should type 120 and then enter. Save everything you have changed and then click to profile that will appear. In order for these settings to work properly you should turn your phone off and then back on again. You will then find that the MMS is set up.

  • Look in your phone's manual
If your phone is brand new and MMS is not already set up on your phone, then it is likely that there will be instructions on how to do it in the instruction manual that came with your phone. Take a few minutes to read through all the paperwork that came with your handset to see if you can find any instructions on how to set up the MMS.

  • Contact the manufacturer of your phone
If the instructions above don't work then you should ring the manufacturer of your cell phone or call in to any hardware store that sells phones. These will usually offer a service that can talk you through your phone's features and show you how to set things up.

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