How can i hack my girlfriend cellphone messages?


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Well, suspicious? We shan’t address that here, however, we can get you on your way to resetting the codes and pulling the messages. While retrieving messages the regular way may be impossible in the situation at hand; there are ways to unlock and retrieve those messages; you just need to follow a few steps; that simple. This method works on most Nokia phones (depending on the type of phone it is). First you will need to get the master code of the Nokia phone, and with this master code, you may reset all security settings.

To initiate the process, you will need the phone’s IMEI number, this may be obtained by pressing #6# on the cell phone. With the IMEI, go to enter IMEI and hit calculate; there is your master code. This is one of many ways to get to the messages.

It is very logical to access these messages under these conditions if you suspect your significant other; it is the right thing to do; it is called testing your relationship. What if your partner was cheating, and such evidence exists, and all you had to do was hack to get to it?  So in certain circumstances it may be OK. Though you are aiming to figure out whether or not your spouse or partner is being crafty, which is very understandable, there are people out there that seek gratification from peeking into others lives. Whether your request is justifiable is merely circumstantial, and only you know the answer to that.
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Called invasion of privacy and is illegal here so without her permission and password,youre out of luck
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I have always been very skeptical about intruding on others privacy, loved ones or colleagues. However we all know curiosity can get

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