How can i get free verizon prepaid phone card cheat codes?


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There are many websites that supposedly offer free codes that enable users to put prepaid cards onto their Verizon mobile phones at no cost. It is highly unlikely that these companies are legitimate however, and most of the time there will be some small print that forces users to part with their money. Sometimes the websites will require a subscription that is paid monthly out of the phone's credit, while others will ask for bank details that are then later used to make a payment.

Be wary when using these websites as doing so is carrying out a strict violation of the Verizon contract. If Verizon discover that prepaid phone cards have been added to the card illegally, they are likely to remove the credit and possibly block access to the network.

  • Adding credit online.
Prepaid phone cards can be bought in a number of locations both online and in high street stores. Phone users with an online Verizon account will be able to add credit to their prepaid phone card by logging on to the Verizon website.
  • Adding credit in store.
The Verizon website offers a phone number that can be dialed to locate the nearest retailer that sells the cards. This number is 1 888 208 4185. The credit can be bought by cash or by card. Doing it in store allows you to add any amount of money onto the prepaid card as you want. It is also possible to avoid any online card handling fees.

Whichever way you decide to add credit to your prepaid phone card, doing it legally has long term benefits both financially and for future use of Verizon. Fines may be administered to those trying to get credit for free and access to the Verizon network may be blocked.

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