What Is BIOS?


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Acronym for basic input/output system (BIOS).It is used in 4th generation software that provide what a computer can act devoid of accessing programs from a disk. On PCs, the BIOS consists the entire system fundamental to manage the keyboard, monitor, storage devices, serial buses, and a number of various functions.
The BIOS is characteristically located in a ROM chip that comes with the computer (it is often called a ROM BIOS). This ensures that the BIOS will constantly be accessible and will not be smashed by disk failures. It also makes it probable for a computer to boot itself. Because RAM is quicker than ROM, although, many computer manufacturers devise systems so that the BIOS is derivative from ROM to RAM each instance the computer is booted. This is known as shadowing.
Many contemporary PCs have a spark BIOS, which resources that the BIOS has been recorded on a flash memory chip, which can be modernized if necessary.
The PC BIOS is quite standardized, so all PCs are alike at this stage. Additional DOS functions are typically added through software modules. This way you can improve to a newer version of DOS without altering the BIOS.
PC BIOSes that can hold Plug-and-Play (PnP) plans are known as PnP BIOSes, or PnP-aware BIOSes. These BIOSes are always applied with flash memory slightly than ROM.
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BIOS or Basic Input Output System tells the components of the computer how to work together, hard drive, mouse ports, key board, monitor, etc.
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BIOS is a Basic Input Output System. It is a  part of the system software of the PC that provides the lowest level interface to peripheral devices and controls the Keyboard, display screen, disk drives, serial communications and a number of miscellaneous functions.
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BIOS is short  for basic input/output system. Well simply I would say that BIOS is a software which is built-in to the ROM or it is a hardwired software, which is printed on the ROM by the company itself and no one else can change its software instructions or routines which are printed on it .    The BIOS is the one which is responsible for the system startup and also checks the hardware which are connected to it and if there is some faults in the hardware.  Also BIOS is responsible for the system DATE checking and also initialize it when the system is started. The instructions in the BIOS are very sensitive and critical which every man can't understand without the computer knowledge that's why BIOS is not shown like the other application software.    We can go to the BIOS setup via pressing the F10 or F8 key when the system is starting, and then it will go to the BIOS. There you have many options like for the BIOS security, primary and secondary drives options and many more. These BIOS is hardwired on the ROM i.e Read only memory means you can't do any changes to it.  BIOS is the one which tells the computer how to work with mouse ,printer keyboard and all other peripheral devises which are attached to the computer.
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BIOS known as basic input/output system. It has many functions but most important is to load an operating system. When you turn on your computer then microprocessor starts its function and need to execute first instruction. BIOS give first instruction to the micro processor from somewhere. One thing is very important here as microprocessor cannot get this instruction from operating system because operating system is located on a hard disk and microprocessor cannot get it without some instruction that tell it how.

When we turn on our computer then BIOS starts initializing components and peripheral devices on motherboard. For example it checks Mouse, keyboard, USB and other I/O devices. It checks PCI devices, system memory, graphic controller and many other things. If it finds any thing missing which is necessary for running a computer then it also gives indication (error on screen). When task of initializing various components and peripheral devices is completed then it loads the boot loader and gives control to it.
It means that after performing necessary tasks when BIOS transfers control to the boot loader then BIOS stops its working and after that boot loader has to perform other tasks to make a computer ready to use.
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BIOS stands for (Basic input output system).Every mother board having bios in it. Bios is having information about mother board features ,bios will act as a ROM. It means we can see the and adjust the contents of bios but we can't write any new character to bios. In bios we can control some of the peripheral devices (Enable/Disable)
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BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System/Service. It is a part of the Software and is developed with the Help of c and C++ and in size is near about 16 KB. It Stores the information of about System hardware.

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