What Are The Functions Of Main Memory (RAM)?


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RAM is an electronic, or volatile, state. When the computer is off, RAM is empty; when it is on, RAM is capable of receiving and holding a copy of the software instructions and data necessary for processing. The Ram is used for the following purposes:
• Storage of a copy of the main systems program that controls the general operation of the computer. This copy is loaded into RAM when the computer is turn on; it stays there as long as the computer is on.
• Temporary storage of a copy of application program instructions to be retrieved by the central processing unit (CPU) for interpretation and execution.
• Temporary storage of data that has been input from the keyboard or other input device until instructions call for the data to be transferred into the CPU for processing.
• Temporary storage of data that has been produced as a result of processing until instructions call for the data to be used again in subsequent processing or to be transferred to an output device such as the screen, a printer, or a disk storage device.
• RAM chips are often called dynamic RAM (DRAM) chips, based on the style of the electric circuits.
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Random Access Memory (RAM) is simply called "Memory". It's memory that is directly readable by the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a computer system. Every computer system has a Random Access Memory. It's installed into the motherboard slots of a computer system. For a better performance and fast execution of programs a computer system should have large RAM. The RAM sizes of 256MB, 512 MB and 1GB are normal these days.

It's the only memory that is directly accessible by the Central Processing Unit (CPU) for reading/ writing. The CPU can't access the hard drives or CD drives attached with it. In case the CPU needs to access data that is residing in a hard disk or CD drive it's first transferred to RAM. If the RAM has got a small size then it'll store only a small amount of data and will load/re-load data continuously from the Data Source (hard disk or CD drive) to RAM. That's why a large sized RAM is desirable for the efficient performance and working of a computer system. If the RAM is small sized then applications and software that require a large memory area may work slowly. Multiple RAM's can be installed in a computer if the motherboard has multiple slots for RAM's.
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RAM:Random  Access Memory: It is available in varies capacity size.
Faster the RAM more fast your PC will responded.
RAM is non-volatile memeoy.Whch means that it store temporary memory and nt permanent which is hold by hard disk.
When we open any file or any program, it can be anything even small thing, that all is hold by the RAM.
I mean to say when we want to execute any program then it is open/taken from permanent disk(hard disk) n place on the RAM which will help CPU to process according to your request.
If RAM is not their then your system wouldn't execute any files/ programs.
RAM only hold programs just for certain time being, so that CPU is not full loaded with execution files.
If your system has many s/w install and your RAM is of less capacity,  then your system will responded late as a result your CPU will take time to execute.
So faster the RAM less time it will take.
In short the main function of the RAM is to hold your files on which you r currently working.
And it is one of the most important part of the system.
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Main memory is the storage that is directly available to the CPU of a computer and is made up of RAM and ROM. RAM's (Random Access Memory) purpose is to hold the data and instructions temporarily which the CPU will process. ROM's (Read Only Memory) function is to hold data necessary for starting up the computer permanently, whose contents cannot be changed by the user.
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RAM (Random Access Memory) is a form of computer data storage. It is a temporary memory of computer. It takes the form of integrated circuits that allow stored data to be accessed in any order that is random. RAM memory is basically are use to take information of all the processes that are running are stored on your computer. For example, you have an document open on your computer it would be temporarily stored on the RAM until you close the image.
RAM is often associated with volatile types, if power is switched off of the computer, all information will be lost.
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Ram stores memory temporarily when the computer is on. It is directly readable by the cpu
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Random access memory acts as a temporary storage solution for the computer.  RAM is extremely quick, but it is volatile meaning when it loses power it resets back to zero.  Everything that runs gets allocated in memory, this includes your operating system, your browser, any games running, the position of the mouse cursor.  Everything.  The best analogy that I've heard is of a desk.  Imagine a desk with file cabinets.  The desk top has room for documents and allows you to work with those documents freely, this is like RAM.  The file cabinets are like hard drive space, you cannot easily work with documents in side the cabinet so when you want to open one you have to pull it up to the desktop (ram) and make your changes, when you are done you save those changes by refilling the document.  Does this help you visualize it?
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The functions of Main Memory are Random Access Memory(RAM) is stores programs and data that currently use by the CPU.

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