What Are The Functions Of The Primary Memory?


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The primary memory is also the temporary memory and it is used to store the data that is currently required by the cpu the primary memory is fast then secondary memory and it has no large storage
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The primary memory which is mounted on the same board as central processing unit performs the following broad functions apart from what has been briefly described in the previous section. Data is stored in the input area, where it is held till it is required for used in processing. A part of the primary memory is used as working storage. A working store is like a sheet of paper which we usually like to keep for scribbling rough work or circulation. It holds the data being processed and the intermediate results. Output area of the storage holds the final results of processing, until they are released.

These results are stored till other information overwrites it. Main memory also holds the source code or program. A program is an ordered set of instructions which are fetched by the control unit one at a time in order and executed. It may however be clarified here that the four general purpose areas mentioned above are not fixed by any built in boundaries. They may vary from one application to another. So in actual physical terms a certain space may store input data in one application and output results in another one and processing instructions in the third one.
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Primary memory has a large storage capacity
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I don't remember much from primary school so I can't help you sorry!
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Primary memory is also known as main memory. The devices which are meant for keeping primary memory are responsible for holding instructions and data to provide the rapid access to central processing unit. The data and instructions are accessed from the primary memory in the same manner in all the devices, however, on the basis of the devices which hold the primary memory, it can be divided in various types.

The first type of primary memory is the random access memory and it is also known as RAM. It is the most fast memory device of the computer. Another type of memory is the cache memory, which is smaller but very fast memory. It is used to reduce the average time of the computer access memory. Third type of main memory is ROM which is known as read only memory. Last type of memory is  Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM) which is a form of digital memory.

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