What Is The Difference Between Primary Memory And Secondary Memory?


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Primary memory is faster to access because it is wired directly to the
processor. It is used by the system to perform operations while
programs are running. Examples are cache, RAM, and ROM.

Content in the primary memory lost once the computer system is turned off.

Secondary memory is usually somewhat slower and is used for permanent storage of
information. Examples are hard disks, floppy disks, DVDs, flash
memory, etc.

Content in the secondary memory remains intact even if the computer system is turned off.
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Main memory is basically a physical memory which is internal to the computer. It is commonly known as RAM. The computer has to process all  the data that is in the main memory. Every file and program that is accessed or executed is stored or copied in the main memory.

On the other hand, a backing storage is a kind of computer storage device which has a larger capacity but whose access time is slower than that of the main memory. It is also known as bulk storage. This memory is external to the CPU. It is normally used to store data and programs that are not used currently. The examples include CD-ROM, floppy, magnetic tape or memory stick.

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In primary memory operating system and other files are stored and secondary memory is a secondary hard drive like cd/DVD which stores data for long time, floppy is also falls in secondary memory.
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Major difference between primary & secondary memory
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Primary Memory is Your Ram Which is Also Called Main Memory
And Secondary Memory is your Hard disk which is you Space Memory
if you don't have Primary Memory You cannot process any thing and not even open a windows and if you don't have secondary Memory You cannot still open the windows so both is needed to do work in Computer.
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Primary memory stores data temporarily and secondary memory stores data permanently
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That is why the computer is considered very important from the information technology point of view.
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Primary memory is that memory which is attached to the motherboard of the computer directly while secondary memory is attached to the motherboard through cables.
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Min memory is the communicate directly with the CPU. As secondary memory cannot.
As is Secondary memory is an old term methinks, referring to the storage medium. Hard drives, stuff like that.
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Primary memory or main memory is where data is stored temporarily for quick access by the computer's processor. RAM and ROM are primary memory. The capacity of this memory is smaller.
Secondary storage are storage devices where data is stored permanently. It has larger storage capacity than primary memory. Examples of secondary storage are CD-ROM, floppy, magnetic tapes.
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Primary memory is much faster and also it is more cost effective
secondary memory is much slower and also less costly
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Primary memory is hard disk ONLY. Secondary memory includes the portable memory, like USB or a CD.
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The primary memory of the main memory is of the computer. The processor can directly store and retrieves information from it. There are two types of primary memory RAM and ROM.

Secondary memory unlike primary memory is much slower but is far more cost effective and store the data permanently. Hard disk, floppy disk, CD/DVD Rom is the types of secondary memory.

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