What Is Memory Leak And Memory Overflow In C Language?


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A memory leak and a memory overflow in the 'C' language is referred to as an unwanted increase in any of the programs. The memory intake of the program increases to a great extent by an unintentional consumption of the memory. It also means that the memory of the program is getting corrupted and results in an error. Some of these errors are harmless but some cause many major problems to the program. If there is a possible memory leak by any program, the system may stop to function and may violate some of the files of the operating system. A memory overflow is also known as stack overflow or buffer overflow. When this kind of an error occurs, the program may terminate itself. This may happen if you are trying to save something to the memory which is way beyond the limit of it. Due to this, the program may produce wrong results and hamper the condition of the program and the operating system.

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