What is your oldest memory?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

My oldest and fondest is when my Mom took me to Kindergarten and I cried when she walked away. She was crying too. Still can see it in my mind like it was yesterday !

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Barb Cala
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That is a HUGE deal. I remember Kindergarten .. getting so upset that I still couldn't tie my shoes very well .. lol
otis campbell
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we all remember those first days of school they are tough
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Playing with Janis McClosky, my next door neighbor. We were both about 3-4 years old. I seem to remember her wearing a white shirt and her hair was in curlers and I was in a teal green plaid shirt and shorts. Of course, I could be totally wrong about the clothes but that's what I remember.

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Somewhere between one and two, visiting my father at the local Army hospital where he was for follow-up on his war wounds.

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When I was about 2.  I got my finger caught in a wooden screen door and had to go to the ER to get stitches.  Back then, they didn't allow parents to come in and I was SCREAMING for my Mom!  I still can see that scar on my finger to this day. 

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I have a few small memories from when I was 2    One is when a pug we had on our property hit loose and my father found it and actually road on its back to bring it home ( the pig was huge and my dad was short and thin.  Also when my father was at home in bed as he was dieing from cancer. 

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Does anyone remember the topical iodine medicine that was bright orange  called mercurochrome? Well, when I was age 2-3, while everyone was outside visiting and talking with neighbors, I decorated myself with polka dots of it and proudly went outside to show off my artwork .

Most people laughed and I heard one adult say "oh that's going to take a long time to wear off" but my mom was not happy and started chasing me around she was so angry, and I honestly was confused as to why she didn't think it was pretty.

I say if you don't want your kid to decorate themselves with something, then put  it up where they can't get to it. Right?  :)

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I have memories of a hotel I visited in England when I was barely 2. I don't know if I can actually see any of the memories in my mind, it's more the concept that I remember, but I also remember remembering it at a young age and discussing how it was my earliest memory. So I'd say that it is safe to say I do in fact remember it.

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going to galveston beach and on the way back i told my father the red idiot light was on for water he pulled over in lamaque and had the water pump replaced while everyone waited i must have have been four or five yrs old my father is color blind

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In 1942 when Japan entered WWII, my father, who had fought in France and Belgium, dug a trench in case of air raids. He took a lot of trouble to keep us safe but forgot that he was digging it at the foot of a hill. Then the rains came and we ended up with the only swimming pool in our street.

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I have the best memories ever

I can remember kiddy garden,

Even before that -

However yesterday is questionable-

First grade , ms Hondo

2 grade , ?

3grade ms gulvastinen

4 grade mr Roman ,

5th grade we have lots of teachers like high school-

But I can remember so much in my

Earlier years then most .

Not sure why

I ask my friends from years ago about a specific event that I clearly remember, they have no clue -

It's frustrating, they were there ,

And don't recall what I reca

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I was 21 months old. I remember watching JFK's funeral on TV. I was so excited to see the white horses that were pulling a cart with a flag on it, and couldn't understand why everyone was so sad.

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I've had a lot of memories falling down things or rolling down stairs. All of them are pretty blurry (maybe because my head was hit pretty hard in all those times) so I can't give a lot of details.

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I remember being christened when I was about seven months old. I remember the stained glass windows in the church and I remember Mom and Dad and my sister posing for the christening picture.

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