What is your fondest childhood memory?


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Going to my Maternal Grandma's house, she spoiled all us kids. I remember staying all night at her house.  I would wake the next morning and I felt sad cause I had to leave to go home with my parents. Course parents - well another story ( rolls eyes)!

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Lard Ass
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I think we all hated leaving grandma's house, I sure did! Thanks DWW!
Cyber Tooth Tiger
You're welcome:) I was closer to my Maternal grandma than my dads parents , i loved them but there wasn't a closeness :/
Lard Ass
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I was just the opposite! Close to my dad's and not so much my mom's! :)
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My fondest memory of my childhood...ahh, those days. I can remember it like it was five years ago...I was visiting Disneyland for the first time, and I got to meet all the Disney Princesses.

Another was when I got to hold my new kitten for the first time.

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Ya I can think of one.... when I was in 4th in boarding school

We slept early and I couldn't sleep, so I used to stay awake all night hidden in my blanket, even though it was burning hot inside! Then one night I couldn't sleep, I suddenly saw a woman, fat a bit with open hair above my head. I got scared and didn't come out of the blanket, I thought it was a ghost because girls had spread rumours that some noises are made at night, so I got real scared.....

Now I realize it was my warden!

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Ray Dart answered

My grandfather was a gardener at Yewden Manor. In his own back garden he had two low boxwood hedges. As a kid, I used to run between them when the dew was still on them flicking the moisture into the air like a shower. Now, half an age on, I have only to smell rain on a boxwood hedge to be back there instantly.

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I remember how we were cutting grass near the house with my Dad. I was about 5 years old at that moment. But I clearly remember that. Thanks to him. Now gardening is my hobby. I take care of our backyard and know a lot of tips. By the way, I truly recommend you to read about the best weed eater.

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