How RAM Stores Data?


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RAM is the Random Access Memory of computer. It is known as random access because if you know the row and the column intersection point then you can access memory cell. The function of RAM in computer is the storage of data. There is an integrated circuit which has millions of transistors and capacitors. A dynamic random access memory, a capacitor and a transistor together form a memory cell. This forms a single bit of data, and the capacitor holds this bit information. The transistor in this memory cell acts as a switch that is used to control circuit.

The function of capacitor in the RAM is the storage of electrons. For storing 1 in one memory cell, the capacitor bucket is filled with electrons. When 0 is stored in bucket then it is emptied. This capacitor bucket has a leakage and just in few milliseconds a bucket is emptied. For this, dynamic memory has to work, and the memory controller works and writes. It's operation is refreshed many times in a second. Because of this refreshing operation, the RAM is given the name of dynamic memory. I hope you are clear about it :)
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RAM stores data in machine language which is known as binary language. There are microscopic capacitors present in the RAM chips which either save a modification or change and then store the data. It stores all types of data that a CPU uses. It can hold CPU commands, graphics, hard disk data, alphabets, , numbers, etc. For more information check out the following website.

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