What Is A Hard Disk?


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Hard disk is a storage device on which we can store the information and can retreive the information in future whenever it is needed.
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A hard disk is a metal platter that is organised into trucks and sector,it is used for storing data in the computer,hence it main bucking storage of the computer
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Hard disk is a permenant device which stores data and used in computer as a secondry memory
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These disks combine magnetic disks, access arms, and read /write heads into a sealed module. Removable disk cartridges are also available. Several disks may be mounted on a vertical shaft rotating the disks at a speed of 2,400 to 5,00revolution per minute (rpm), 3,600 being the most common.

Electromagnetic read and write heads are positioned by access arms, accessing of data is very fast because in hard disks the disks are rotated at a high speed, so the data comes under the head quickly. Another reason of hard disk's faster working is , the data is not stored in the form of track, that is stored in an imaginary form of cylinders in this manner thousands of bytes of data can be stored or read with any head movement.

The distance between the head and the disk surface is about 50 millionth of an inch. Human hair is 100 times larger in diameter. No dust, dirt or smoke particle should penetrate in this sealed module. Because, if any of these things enters into the hard disk, that would result in hard disk crash. The head will bounce and it will come in physical contact with the disk, which destroys the data stored on that surface.
Two forms of hard disks are available
a) Disks packs
b) Fixed Disks
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A Hard disk is also called Hard drive or Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Hard disk is a non volatile storage media that's mean If electricity failure, Data will not loss. It is not Ram. Ram is a volatile memory device. On hard drive data is store digitally. Hard disk is also called magnetic disk because it has a magnetic surface.

It is just like a floppy disk drive. But floppy disk use tape media and hard disk use platters. Hard disk can store more data than floppy disk. And also the hard disk speed is more faster than floppy disk. Hard disk storage may be from 10 GB to above 100 GB but floppy disk can only 1.4 megabyte data storage.

In the hard disk there are rotating Platter that consist of magnetic surfaces. In the hard disk there are more than one Platters and on each platter there are two read and write head for each platter. One head for each side. Every platter has a number of tracks.
Data stored in the form of sector and tracks and data is stored permanently. Tracks are Consist of circles, and sectors consist of pie-shaped lines on a track when platters rotate then head read or write date on the sector and track on the platters.
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To numerous clients the hard disk drive is the mainly significant and up till now the strangest part of a central processing unit system. A hard disk drive is a preserved unit that a PC uses for nonvolatile information storage space. Nonvolatile, or semi-permanent, storage space means that the storage devices keep the data still when no control is supplied to the system. For the reason that the hard disk drive is probable to keep data waiting intentionally remove or overwritten, the hard drive is damaged to store critical indoctrination and information. As a result, when the hard disk fails, the penalties are typically very sober. To preserve, repair, and improve a PC system correctly, you must recognize how the hard disk functions.

A hard disk drive holds inflexible, disk-shaped platters, typically build of aluminum or glass. Dissimilar floppy disks, the platters can't loosen or bend—therefore the expression hard disk. In some hard disk systems, you can't take away the platters, which is why they are sometimes called fixed disk drives. Removable hard disk drives are also accessible. From time to time this term refers to a device in which the complete drive component (that is, the disk and the drive) is detachable, but it is more frequently used to refer to sealed unit drives, where the platters are controlled in a detachable sealed unit.
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Hard disk is a permanent storage device  
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A hard disk drive (HDD), regularly referred to as a hard drive or hard disk, is a non-volatile cargo space device which stores digitally fixed data on rapidly rotating platters with compelling surfaces. Strictly verbal communication, "drive" refers to a device different from its average, such as a tape make and its tape, or a floppy diskette drive and its floppy disk. Early HDDs had not fixed media; however, an HDD nowadays is characteristically a preserved unit with fixed medium.

HDDs were originally urbanized for use among computers. In the 21st century, applications for HDDs have lengthened outside computers to take account of digital record recorders, digital audio players, special digital assistants, digital cameras, and video diversion consoles. In 2005 the first cellular phones to include HDDs were introduced by Samsung and Nokia. The need for large-scale, reliable storage, self-governing of a exacting device, led to the preface of configurations such as RAID arrays, network emotionally involved storage (NAS) systems and storage area network (SAN) systems that provide efficient and dependable access to big volumes of information.

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