What Is Hard Disk Drive?


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The hard drive is that component of a computer system into which data (or computer program , computer information or personal information) is stored. It is like a diary into which information is stored by writing. The only difference here is that it is the computer and not a human being that stores data in a hard drive. Data storage is important , for data includes computer program, computer information and personal ( as well as non-personal) information. Computer programs allow a computer to perform definite tasks, such as making it possible for a user or users to type or to play games. Computer information contains very vital technical details required for a computer to function in particular way, like displaying time, while personal ( or non-personal information) can be indispensable to the person or persons concerned with the information.
   The hard drive is therefore like a bank of the computer system. ( There are other "banks", besides--like a CD-ROM disk or floppy disk-- but these do not have to be connected to a computer system, unlike a hard drive , and are not nearly as important to a  computer system as the hard drive.)
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    A hard disk drive (HDD), hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using one or more rigid ("hard") rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material.

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