My Disk Drive Is NOT Working, What's The Matter?


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Just you can broke it thats all
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Just format it. You can purchase a new product key for your windows. Or you can throw your disk into river and buy a new one.
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My disc drive is not working for my e Machine.  SN-D-CRD69-300-09187

.  Therefore HP Officejet 4315v All-In-One printer will not work.  I do not have a disc for the printer.
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If you are asking about CD ROM drive then you need to check its lens and secondly check the CD for scratches.

If you are asking about hard disk drive then you should first check that will your windows xp boot on the computer and you reach the desktop then if you are not able to reach C drive, D drive or E drive then you need to check your system for viruses. If still the problem is not solved then please reinstall your windows.
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Check whether the hard disk is detecting in bios mode by pressing del,f1,f2 keys according the bios versions. If it is detecting means, it might be due to os problem and if it is not detecting means check the ide cable,power cable of the hdd.

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