Why Learning Computer Skills Is Important?


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It is important to have good computer skills because no matter where you get a job there is a good chance a computer will be involved.  Having computer skills will also better you chances of getting a job and will help you do better in your career.  It will also help you be more organized with notes and other things.
Keeping up with computer skills will help you a lot in your career because technology is always changing and you should always be on top of your game.  If you don’t have the basics down then it would be harder for you in whatever job you may choose.  It will also help you in your resume.
I know someone who applied for a job at sears.  Just to be someone who worked behind the counter.  But they saw she had good computer skills and that she took keyboarding in middle school.  She got a better job for it.  She worked in the back with computer and she got paid more.
Basic skills for computer skills would be such as:
• word-processors
• spreadsheets
• database programs
• Presentation software
• email
• familiarity with the internet
These are becoming requirements for most jobs.  But there is more than just knowing basic computer skills. While computer skills are important, don't forget the other basic skills you need.  Web designers must know how to type and know how to arrange text and graphics.  Strong problem-solving and skills must be known for computer system managers. You must also be able to learn quickly with how often technology changes if you want to be in the industry with computers
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Computer and internet would play huge role in our lives, such as managing our finances, communicating with each other, entertainment, knowledge about world, news, games, etc. We can store our data in computer.
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Learning basic skills would be good just because the world today is just getting overwhelmed with computers and soon that all people are probably going to be using. And most jobs require a little bit of skill but not that much. You can also learn it to know how to solve problems with your computer or your friends. And to sum it all up do it to impress your friends and do cool things :P
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Cause using computer you can communicate with people from all over the world, create new interesting things and earn a lot of money, even being at home. For example, I earn money with prime slots mobile.

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Well, I think it's hard to find a good job without computer skills now. Plus, knowing computer software never hurts. I often look at vacancies on this web page, and many employers indicate that knowledge of computer programs is desirable, so I believe that nowadays it is necessary to be a more in-demand employee.

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