What Do You Know About RAM?


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Random Access Memory (RAM): Ram stands for random access memory. It is also called main memory or direct access memory. Random access means that each individual bit in the entire memory is directly accessible. A program must be loaded into RAM before execution. Ram is temporary memory. When the power is turned off, the information in this memory is lost. Thus it is called volatile memory. Ram plays very important role in the processing speed of a computer. A bigger Ram size provides larger amount of space for processing. So the processing speed is increased.

1-Static Ram: Static ram is more expensive. It required more amount of space for a given amount of data than dynamic ram. It does not need to be power-refreshed so it is faster to access.

2- Dynamic Ram: DRAM is the least expensive kind of ram. Dynamic ram uses a kind of capacitor that should be reached again and again. A power refresh is required after each read. DRAM must be refreshed many times in a second. That is why its accessing speed is slow.

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