My PC On/off Reset Switch Wrong Plug For New Motherboard How Can I Check That?


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Presently install a fresh motherboard as well as central processing unit although my older reset / on/off button as well as hard disk drive face board lead plug is incorrect.The older button is 8 pin in a line, unfilled, black, green (control LED), blanked, black, Yellow (HDD LED), black, Red (control/reset button). It was initially a HP pavilion PC.

The fresh Motherboard is an AS Rock 775i65G as well as has 9pin (2 row of 5) plug, PLED+, PLED-, PwrBtn#, empty, HDLED+, HDLED-, GND, RESET#, model.

Anyone is acquainted with what kind of plug this is as well as where I can purchase a fresh front panel button/led show so as to fit. As well is here a rapid technique to fire the computer up by shorting the PwrBtn# pin to GND now to turn the pc on. I be acquainted with that the atx power supply don't require the power switch pushed in just the once the pc is on, they will simply turn off if it is seized on for 4 seconds. This way it's get to be a temporary on button so shorting the terminal be supposed to work; I just require to be in no doubt of the terminal.

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