How Can I Regain My Bluetooth On My Sony Vaio Laptop?


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Some users of the Sony Vaio laptop computer have encountered problems with connecting Bluetooth devices. The problem lies with turning on the Vaio's Bluetooth radio. This is turned on through the computer's Wireless Switch Settings manager. The icon for this is usually in the taskbar when the computer is first purchased; however, some people remove it from the taskbar to help clean up the desktop. If you've done this, you must locate where the wireless switch is stored in the computer.

Step 1Check the icon tray (also known as the taskbar) at the bottom of the computer screen. Look for a blue-green square icon with "LAN" in one corner and "B" in the other. Double-click on this icon to open up "Wireless Switch Settings."

Step 2Open the Vaio Central utility on your computer's operating system if the Wireless Switch icon wasn't in the tray. This can be accessed by the computer's Start menu or by the Vaio Support Central application. Go to the System Information tab in Vaio Central.

Step 3Open the folder labeled "Network Connections" from the folder list in the System Information tab. Click on the +/- button beside the folder to show the list of options within the folder. Select "Wireless Switch Settings," which should have the blue-green square icon next to it.

Step 4Check the box in the Wireless Device Switch dialog box that says "Enable Bluetooth Device." This check box is in the middle of the window. Change the wireless LAN from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz because, as the warning message should say, using the 2.4 GHz wireless LAN and the Bluetooth device can make the connection unstable.

Step 5Click the "Apply" button after the appropriate boxes are checked. The bluetooth radio is now activated. A blue light should come on near the computer's on/off switch for the Wi-Fi radio.

Step 6Close the dialog box by clicking "OK." Another box should appear explaining that the Wireless Switch Settings icon should now be in the taskbar. Use this icon if you need to turn off the Bluetooth device and turn it back on later.

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