I Have An Acer M5630 And I Want To Overclock, The Bios Does Not Give Me An Option To Overclock. How Can I Overclock It?


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A branded pc like yours will have all the settings hotwired meaning that you can't change them no matter what so therefore you can't overclock your system. I have heard that there are BIOS cracks so you have to check on overclocking websites like
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I have acer aspire m5630 i was able to overclock it with softfsb software, You need to set memory speed to 667 in bios and then run softfsb. There you choose pll : ICS9LPR419DFLF and adjust fsb speed to certain number . My works up to 250 mhz ( 2745 mgh processor speed), because of memory (DDR2-5300) i hope that if I had DDR2-8500 it would run above 3 ghz.
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You need to flash the latest BIOS-ROM for your Acer PC. ( available on they're website )
This allows you to set the FSB speed in the bios. Got mine @ 333 FSB  ( x9 )

As for voltages & co... Nothing can be done ( it's a Acer PC, what did you expect? )

I recommend fine tuning, but no serious overclocking with this PC.
For a manufactured PC it can handle A LOT, but nonetheless, it's not build for it.

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