How Do I Transfer Contacts On Sim Card To Sd Card?


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I have the same question.  I bought the motorola droid and have a sony ericson w580i and cannot save the file in sync program.  Not that it wont save but I am not that savvy.  I am going to frys and will by a sim card reader.  Zonet 12-In-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer with SIM Phone Book editing/backup, comes with SIM editor 3.0 software  it only 10 dollars plus tax.   I hope this works for you as I will try it out and then repost to this thread. See link below.  

Ok, just came back from frys tried the Zonet and it works like a charm.  Was easy to use and will have many future uses.  The zonet has 12 in one uses.  My Droid is now fully funtional with all contacts in phone now.

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