How Do I Unlock My Ipod Classic If I Forgot My Screen Lock Code?


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· You need to start by opening the iTunes program on your computer. Whether it's a Mac or a PC it doesn't matter, you just need to ensure that the program is open and your iPod is plugged into the computer using the iPod USB cable. The primary computer that you've used to sync your iPod in the past needs to be used to be able to reset the iPod using this method.

· Once the iPod is plugged in and your iTunes program is open, you should wait for the iPod icon to pop up on the left hand side of the window. You then need to click on the eject symbol to start the process. Once your device has been ejected, the device will be unlocked for a temporary period of time. This means that you will have a certain amount of time to be able to go about resetting the password on your iPod classic. It will function just like it does when you have unlocked the iPod, so always remember this little trick for the future.

· You then need to use the iPod click wheel to get to the 'extras' part of the iPod menu.

· On the extras screen you will see a 'screen lock' section. You simply need to choose 'screen lock'. Once you've chosen this you need to choose 'reset combination' to go about erasing the past password and then creating a new one. Make sure you write it down somewhere or make it something that's easy to remember.

· Then use the click wheel to enter in the code you have chosen. You then just need to press the center button on the iPod click wheel to go about saving the new password. Just make sure you remember this one!
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Plug in your iPod
Go to "My Computer"

Go to your iPod's drive (F for me)
Make sure you can see all hidden folders (If you aren't sure go to Tools, Folder Options, View Tab, and check Show)
After that click iPod_Control
Click the folder called "Device"
And then change it from _locked, to _unlocked :D
Hope this helped
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Yes, I forgot my screen lock code.
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How do I unlock my ipod nano 3rd generation if I forgot the screen lock code?
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Remember the lock.

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