How can I have my iPhone backup files easily on my Mac without loosing them?


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Just sync your iPhone to iTunes on Mac.  And note that the backup is saved as .SQLITE_DB files, you cannot get the files to view directly. So you can extract your iPhone backup file to Mac as excel files.

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When you back up your iPhone with iTunes, which can handled with selecting "summary>back up now" after you connect iPhone to iTunes. Then, you can check the backup files from "edit>preference>devices".
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You can backup your iPhone files, without having the fear to lose them, by an app that you can download from the Apple App Store called PhoneCopy.

What this app does it that it keeps on saving your data that you have saved on your iPhone.  If in case you have lost your data, you can go to their website and check out your lost data there.

However you can also use iCloud. What iCloud does is that it gets a data from one device and transfers it to another Apple product automatically.  For example, you took a picture in your iPhone.  And all of a sudden you just lost your iPhone and your picture is there. So since you have a Mac, you can get the lost file and recover it in your Mac.

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Emily Sunny , You can use the Coolmuster iPhone Backup Extractor to help you, answered

This data recovery mode lets you recover not only existing data in the backup, but also those data deleted from your device before you made the backup, as long as they were not overwritten. As I know, you can use an iPhone Backup Extractor to backup your iPhone  files easily on your Mac.

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Tony O Hare , At Maidenhead Data Recovery, we can help you recover what’s been lost. We have experience in Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5 and more., answered

Make sure to transfer the data from your iPhone correctly!

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After you back up your iPhone with iCloud, which can be done from "Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup"> "Back Up Now". Then, you can turn to your Mac and launch to log in your Apple ID to view your iPhone backup files.
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Actually, iTunes is good to backup iPhone files. But some media files cannot be backed up because of their large sizes.  Therefore, I like to use third party tool to help me do that. You can search the related tool on the Internet.

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Ravi Kumar , Download iPhone SMS Backup for Mac or PC here., answered

Download iPhone SMS Backup for Mac or PC here. Once you install downloaded software in your computer, it is free to use to preview sms or text messages. Very handy tool to export sms for any legal purpose or to keep them as Excel file

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