Does it make you mad when people put passwords in rar files because it makes me super mad?


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If a person puts a password on their rar file then it is not really any concern of yours, nor should you be getting annoyed by it. They have obviously put a password on their rar file for a reason, probably to keep people out of there.

If rar file passwords do irritate you then there is a way that you can remove them quickly and easily. A rar archive file is created to compress multiple files into one file. This is done to make it easier to transport files between sources. Passwords are attached to rar files in order to prevent any unauthorized person from viewing the files inside. However, it is actually possible to remove these passwords. Below are some instructions on how to do this.

  • Step one. The first thing you need to do is to open up WinRAR software on your computer. This should display the RAR files that you have on your computer. Once you have located the RAR file that you want to password removed from, right click on it and choose 'Extract Files' from the options that will be displayed to you.
  • Step two. Enter the correct password that is associated with the rar file and click 'OK'.
  • Step three. A new window will open up and you should click 'OK' button at the bottom of this new window. This will finalize the process and extract the contents of the rar file into a different folder.
  • Step four. Once you have located the new folder that the contents are located in, right click on that folder and choose 'Add to Archive'. This will let the program know that you want to take the files in that folder and move them to a new rar file.
  • Step five. A new window will open up and then click 'OK' at the bottom. The files that you removed will then be moved into a new rar file. Once this has been done, you will be able to open up the rar file without a password.

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