How Can One Shrink A Picture On A Mac?


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Akshay Kalbag answered
To shrink a picture on a Mac, you need to use an advanced image resizer version 3.0. An advanced image resizer is defined as a multi-functional image converter and resizer. It is basically designed in such a way that it can serve many purposes.

It allows the users to convert images, to resize them, to add watermarks to them and also to generate galleries on the World Wide Web. It can be used for the purposes of rapidly resizing, converting and rotating a large number of images at a time and also for the purpose of adding customised watermarks on them.

A MacImage Resizer Pro 2006 is another powerful, easy-to-use resizer which allows you to resize, convert and rotate a large number of images rapidly at a time. Users can also add watermarks on them.

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