How To Enlarge Print From Windows Vista?


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If you are asking how to make the text displayed when in Windows larger, right-click n the desktop and choose personalize. On the left side of the Personalization window is a link that says "Adjust font size (DPI)". The default is 96 DPI. If you want it larger, choose the "Large Scale (120 DPI)..." option.

Another way to set these options is after you open Personalization, choose windows color and appearance, then click the link at the bottom of that window that says "open classic appearance properties for more color options". From the new window called "Appearance settings" click Advanced. From the "Advanced Appearance" you can set the font size for any window or portion of.

If you want Internet explorer to be larger, you can choose font sizes form the View menu (hit your ALT key if you don't see the view menu. Go to "Text Size" and choose a larger setting". Alternatively, hold your ALT key while you scroll up or down with your wheel mouse.

If you really do mean how can I make a document print larger when I send it to the printer, select the text and choose a larger font size. How to do that will vary based on the application.

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