How The Printing Speed Can Be Increase?


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When network speed is too slow and causes a problem for the users. It may necessary to optimize or upgrade network printing. There are several options to increase printing speed on the network.

Optimizing network printing:
Network printing can be optimized to provide for faster printing with existing equipment. One way to handle this is to use printing priorities. printer can be set with a variety of priorities to accommodate groups of user that require quicker printing of their documents. User can print to the device configured with the higher priority, and their document can be printed first.

Spooling of document can be used optimize network printing; the document that are spooled quickest will be printed quickest.Upgrading network printing:If optimization has been done and printing speeds are still too slow, upgrades to the network printing system may be required.Memory upgrades can increase printer performance. The increase memory will help the printer process and print the jobs quicker.

Installation of a network interface is another way to improve printer performance. Moving the printer to the network media provide the faster path to the printer.Printing pooling can also be used to upgrade the network printing. Also a new printer can be installed and configured to use the same print queue as an existing printer.Some time the best way to upgrade the printing process is to buy a better printer. Newer printers are much quicker then their older counterparts and handle option that some older printer can not.
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Increase in the printing speed depends upon the printer model and its options. If your printer has the memory slots then you can use the extended memory. Increasing the memory may increase the speed of the printer. Modern Laser jet printers come with the memory slot options.

When we take the prints a print file is created. If we are going to print heavy graphics then the printing file will be also large in size. This file is crated in the system root. So be sure the system root has enough space to work. At least 100 MB space should be free at system root. More than 100 MB will be ideal.

If you are using the ink-jet printers then using the memory slot option cannot increase the speed. The speed of the printer is almost set by default. When you purchase the printer, you can check its specifications. The specifications describe almost every issue about the printer its speed, its memory, memory slots. If you are satisfied with these specifications then you should go to purchase the printer. A fast printer will cost you higher. The HP laser printer available today, normally prints 12 or more pages per minutes.

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