My Printer Prints Very Small Letters, How Can I Increase The Size Of Letters?


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Letter size in a document you are printing, otherwise known as font size, is related to the program in which you are working with.

The printer itself is merely a tool to print, and generally it will only print what you have asked it to. Therefore to increase the font size on your document you must change the size of lettering before you send it to print.

There are a number of word processing programs with which you can construct documents, including Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and Word Pad. As a rule, most of these allow you to change font size by using the following simple instructions.

  • On the main tool bar select <Edit>
  • Choose the function <Select all> or alternatively use the shortcut <Ctrl + A>
  • Once the text you wish to increase is highlighted, with your mouse right click on the document and select font.
  • This will open a window allowing you to choose a different font type, but most importantly change the font size.
  • A font size of between 12-14 should be adequate to allow you to read properly, however you can change this to suit your specific needs.
If you still have a problem with your letter size, even after you have changed the font. It is recommended you first consult your printer's user guide/manual, or visit the shop from which you purchased the product. As they may have an expert on hand to help you.

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