Why The Letters Are So Small On My Facebook?


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The letters on Facebook have been set at a size and font that is agreeable and easy to use for most people. While you will never satisfy everyone the success of Facebook suggests that they have got their settings correct. You may be able to get the letters/font to appear larger by getting a bigger monitor, but the size of the font cannot be changed in your Facebook profile.

Another way to make the letters appear larger is to press on the Ctrl key on your keyboard and move the cursor (or press the + or - keys) - this will increase the font size but means that you can no longer see the full width of the page and loses a degree of control.

Facebook has quickly become a 21st century icon, with lots of other networks and businesses attempting to copy the site or adapt aspects of it into their own products. The fonts, layouts and style of Facebook have been critical to it's success and in establishing the Facebook brand.

While other social networks arrived earlier, Facebook has established itself as the social network that new users reach for; there are reminders and advertisements for the site everywhere. Companies recognize the importance of being on Facebook; by using their Facebook name in advertising materials (reinforcing the Facebook brand), this allows the company to plan ahead and secure lucrative partnership deals with most forward thinking companies wanting to be associated with Facebook.

As part of it's success, Facebook treats the feedback and experiences of it's users seriously. They are quick to recognize trends and will become aware if there are a number of people feeling that the letters are too small. It is unlikely however, that they would universally change the size since it is obvious that the vast majority of users find the lay-out friendly on the eye.

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