Can Anyone Give Me The Master Key To Unlock My Nintendo Dsi I Got For Xmas (secondhand) Ad Its Got A Parental Lock On I Cant Get Off?


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Nintendo DS Browser Failsafe Mode:
Ok, you may need help to do this, as everywhere I have looked has said it's pretty tough to do alone (one person said they had to hold the stylus in their mouth).

When you go to launch the browser, hold L, R, Up, X, B, and select Enter Failsafe mode to clear bookmarks and reset to factory settings (as well as eliminating the password).

This key combination is the first thing the system and browser checks for, so you have to be holding it from the start of the boot-up. So turn the unit off, press the buttons (and hold them) then turn it on, continuing to hold them while tapping A to launch the browser from the menu. Continue holding until you get the failsafe screen or asked for the password (in which case you need to try again).

Hope that helps, and you have a great day!
Asuka Jr.

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