How Can I Download Pictures From Nokia 6103 To Pc Without The Cable?


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Transferring data:  There are different methods for data transfer between Pc and Mobile phone depends on the technology you have i.e. Infrared, Data cable, Bluetooth. I assume krzr have the Bluetooth technology. Well first of all you must have to have Bluetooth dongle for it which is just like the flash drives and is a USB device, then secondly you need the software through which the data will be transferred you can call it the transfer medium, the best software that I have experienced is the BlueSoleil first plug in the Bluetooth Dongle in to your pc then click the bluesoleil a message will appear that blue tooth device started when you have a look to this software you will find a yellow ball in the center click that and the Bluetooth will start the search for device provided that you mobile Bluetooth is also on.    When your mobile is detected by the dongle it will appear in the software program right click on it and click the "Pair Device" option a message will appear at both the ends to provide passkey give "0000" or any four digits but make sure same passkey is provided at both the ends. Then right click on the device which is appeared in the software and click "Refresh" then again right click the device then go to "connect to" option and select "File Transfer" option. A new window will appear browse through your mobile and copy the file where ever you want. The process is simple just click on the file copy and past in you mobile memory or you can also copy it to your mobile with drag and drop. Let me repeat connection process. Kindly note that the pair of the device is just once if you have some other device then you will need to pair it, otherwise the same device should be paired once.    Install bluesoleil------Insert Bluetooth Dongle in to your pc------Turn on your mobile Bluetooth---click the search option in bluesoleil software-----right click device that appears in the bluesoleil-----pair the device---give passkey----again right click the device refresh the services--right click again--connect to(option) --select file transfer option.
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Easiest will be using Infra Red or Blue Tooth.
If not, save the images to any sites like Picasa or google sites and download to PC.
You can also use email attachments, but a few mobiles will support that.
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Send your pic to a e mail add..go to da email an download it to da cumputer.

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