How Do I Activate My Built In Web Cam On My Lenovo Labtop?


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The new Lenovo laptop, which is also called an Ideapad, has a built in webcam that can be accessed and used through a program called Lenovo Easy Capture. This program allows you to use the built in webcam to take pictures that can be used on Facebook, email or eBay listings. However, the webcam is not of the best quality, so you may want to restrict its usage to small image needs like on the above.

To take photographs on your Lenovo Ideapad laptop, you need to firstly open up Lenovo Easy Capture, as aforementioned. It can be found by clicking on the Start Menu and accessing your Programs. If you find that your laptop doesn't come with Lenovo Easy Capture already installed, you can quickly search online and download the program for free, meaning you can start taking pictures in minutes. To find the download, use a popular search engine like Google, which will provide you with the safest download link, preferably from the Lenovo website itself.

Once you have the program, install and open it. Once it is open and the screen pops up on your Ideapad laptop, taking pictures is incredibly easy and really fun. All you need to do to take fun snap shots is to click the camera button on screen when you're ready to strike your pose. To access your images, as you may wonder where they disappear to after you take them, you need to open your up the folder of Pictures within your personal account folder. Your pictures will automatically transfer to your default images folder for easy access. Enjoy the ease of taking pictures on your Lenovo Ideapad laptop's built in webcam with the use of Lenovo Easy Capture today!

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