How Do I Use My Web Cam On My Compaq Laptop Computer?


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The webcam on your laptop computer may have different user instructions depending on the laptop product you are currently using.  Assuming that you are currently unable to access your webcam function, your first port of call should be your laptop user manual, as this will give instructions for the operation of your product. 

If you are unable to find the answer in your manual, or no longer have the manual then offers free downloads of manuals.  If this still does not help you then your issue may be that you have the wrong software, or no software, installed for the in-built webcam.  In this instance, the same website offers the download of software and drivers that will then make the webcam compatible to your computer. 

Webcam software will not automatically come loaded when you buy your computer.  You will be able to check if your webcam is loaded onto your computer by going to your ‘device manager’.  If there is an ‘imaging device’ listed then your webcam will be loaded and should be ready to use.  If there is no ‘imaging device’ listed then you will need to go to the HP website and download the driver so that the webcam will work on your computer. 

The ‘driver’ replaces a CD, which would usually be used to install the webcam software.  If you no longer have the CD to be able to load the software, you will need to use the driver from HP’s website.  The driver is free to download and, once installed, should allow your webcam to function correctly. 

If you have exhausted all of these options then has a ‘contact us’ section and it may be worth contacting the customer support team to determine whether the webcam function on your computer is broken.
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Click on the "Start" button. Then click "All Programs" try to find a program that says "Youcam". You can do videos and put some effects there (: Also. If you have a MSN you can do Video Calls.
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Have you looked through all the program groups on the start menu, to see if any webcam software is already installed?

Did it come with a CD? Have you run that? Did THAT create any new program groups?
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You can connect it with the usb drive and you have need to install the drivers first

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