How To Do Setup For Wireless LAN Connection In A Toshiba Laptop?


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Setting up a connection is easy. The first thing to do is click the Start menu, click ‘Connect to’ and then click ‘Show all connections’. Right-click ‘Wireless Network Connections’, choose ‘Properties’, then click the ‘Wireless networks’ tab and click ‘Advanced’. Then, choose to automatically connect to non-preferred networks. Following all of this, you need to click ‘Add…’ in your preferred networks.

Fill in the SSID and select ‘disabled’ in the data encryption section. Then click OK. Click on the Start menu again, and then click ‘Connect to’ again before selecting the option to show all connections. Click ‘Create a new connection’, and then wait for the Internet connection wizard to start up. Then, follow the instructions and look for the option that allows you to ‘connect to the network at my workplace’. After this, you should find the virtual private network connection, click ‘Next’, and finally enter a name for the connection.

Choose ‘Do not dial the initial connection’; click ‘Next’, then input the name to the field ‘host name or IP address’. Once you’ve selected finish, a dialog box will appear. Click ‘Properties’ and edit according to your own specific needs.

From here, you should have the basics on your network on your Toshiba computer set up. This is in the XP operating system, but the process remains similar for both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Setting up a wireless LAN connection does not have to be a complicated affair. Use the above instructions, or just get in touch with a Microsoft assistant over the telephone, or online. They’ll be more than happy to help you with your connection problems.

Furthermore, contacting Toshiba might provide you with some valuable advice.
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To properly make a stable wireless lan connection with the router,you will have to configure both by using the settings which you can get from your isp .
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Dear I have windows xp sp2 I want to configure wireless network how I will configure this plz help me actually I have format my laptop now wireless setting not coming. I have installed drivers also. But there is problem to connect. I m trying to connect with my office wireless network plz reply me as soon as possible
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Download it or call the laptop fixer and he will install it for you
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Go to the control panel. Open wireless connection wizard and configure it by giving the proxy setting of the router. There must be a DNS server to get you connected with the Domain.
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First your os xp or vista
if you xp means go to network connection and see that tab, wireless network wizard  and click next to open to next to next and click finish. It will appear in network connection windows.  But you want to take airtel broad band wireless net key, and  you open the tab if you finish your network wizard tab. And it will open the icon it ask for key, you give it key to continue. It will ready to access the network, so this is the way

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