How To Turn The Volume Up On A Toshiba Laptop?


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This really depends on what model of a Toshiba laptop you own. Some of the earlier editions of Toshiba laptops actually have their volume control in the form of a scrollable dial. The dial is usually situated on the side of the keyboard part of the laptop.

You simply push it vertically to increase the volume or pull it back down to reduce volume. However, if you have checked the sides of your laptop and have not found a volume scroller control then it may be found at one of the F keys on the first row of your keyboard.

Many of the Toshiba models have a speaker symbol situated on the first row of the keyboard and next to this is either plus and minus symbols or a series of lines that indicate increasing volume. Therefore depending on if you want to increase or decrease the volume, you would press the appropriate key. 

You should also find a key with a speaker symbol that has line through it and this is the mute key. If you wish to quickly cut out all noise from the speakers then you would use this button.

If you are still struggling to find out how to change the volume then it is worth going into a Toshiba shop or a general computer store with your laptop and explain to the staff your problem. They should be able to easily demonstrate how to successfully change the volume on your model and this should be done free of charge.

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