How Do I Connect A USB Printer To A Home Network, Either Wired Or Wirelessly?


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Several companies make a device called a print server. I somewhat disagree with the name as they are not servers at all. What the do is give a network connection the ability to convert the signal to a USB, Serial or Parallel signal. The ones I have are Ether to Parallel only. They can be expensive but it is the best and safest way to do it. If you are sharing something and have the network also connected to the internet, tehn you have opened a vulnerability in you system.
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I can recommend a Trendnet TE100-P21 print server.  It has one parallel port and 2 USB ports so it will handle up to 3 printers as network printers.  It was very easy to setup with the included software and has served me well for over a year. It has a web page that allows you to check the status of the server using the local ip addresses of your network.  I recommend configuring this as a static page so that you can always access it with a web browser using a what you use) value where the xxx is the assigned address you put in.  Make it some high number that the rest of your computers don't normally use.  Something like 40 or so is usually ok.
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Thanks for the answers. I currently have the printers shared as a local printer connected to one computer. That means I must leave that computer on all the time so the other computer can print. I am looking for a low-cost converter of some type that might convert either the parallel or USB port to either Ethernet or wireless.
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Just go to start>settings>printer & faxes>go to properties>sharing and share the printer. Then you can access this printer from the network.

Secondly you can reinstall the printer or add the printer and click on the option that it is a network printer. Then you can access it from anywhere on the network.

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