How To Set The Gprs Internet Settings For N98+ China Phone?


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A lot of people have trouble setting the GPRS Internet setting for N98+ China cell phones. In most cases, people end up contacting Airtel (or whichever service provider they're using) to get clear instructions and assistance. To set the settings all by yourself, you'll need to find your phone's service menu, and then locate the Go To Data Account feature. After this, select GPRS, and then go to the Edit Settings area, which is beneath the Data Account feature.

  • Next steps

Once you've found Edit Settings, enter the name of your service provider (Airtel, Vodafone, etc.) into the Account Name field, and then enter the right abbreviation for your provider (for example, Airtel is APN) , as well as their website url. Once you've done this, you can set your authorization type as normal, and then hit Save.

  • Change your settings

In Settings - Edit Profile - change your current preferences to rename profile (Airtel), change your homepage to Google's home page, and change your data account to your service provider. Then, save again and it should be ready to activate.

Obviously, this is a lot of steps, and this process may not work for everyone or every type of China phone. However, this is the basic setup for getting your cell phone Internet-ready. Some people give up in frustration, convinced that they can't really hook a China phone up so it can browse the web. The truth is, it can be done, but it may require a little trial and error.

Contacting the cell phone manufacturer or service provider may also be a smart strategy, as their representatives will likely be experts on all aspects of formatting and programming cell phones for a variety of purposes. Check for the official websites of your cell phone manufacturer and and service provider, and then contact them through their Contact Us web pages.

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