What Are The Bad Effects Of Computer Games To The Students?


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Computer games can effect your vision, and your hands.

Too much gazing at computer screens may not be good for kids.

It can also damage their hands because of the constant movement.

Not to mention their attention spans.

They should spend less time on video games and more time studying
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I am nit saying that itz not good but if we play we are just wasting our time...some students r keeping more time for playing  ang less time for studying itz not good,,,some student wont go 4 indoor or outdoor games hmmm I think they hate because they r interested 2 play games on computers...
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The Effects of Playing cOMputer GAmes to da students  they wasting their times for it than
studying and it is being hobby of the students..
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Do not play computer games anymore
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Computer gaming affects the mental development of a human being.
It also steals our time towards studies, works and daily activities.
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Computer games affects are social involvement to other person, to act violently and differently like some characters in computer games

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