What Positive Effects Do Computer Games Have?


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Computer games are often slated by the media due to claims that they encourage children into leading more sedentary lives and discourage social interaction.

However, the media is very adept at cherry-picking a handful of extreme examples, in order to create the illusion that an issue is more severe and widespread than is actually the case.

Whilst accepting that there are drawbacks to computer games, I also think that they bring positive effects too.

Co-ordination and Motor-Skills
Computer games often require very precise movements and intricate keystroke combinations in order to succeed. Even just typing at a keyboard improves digital dexterity and strengthens finger muscles - which makes particular pursuits such as playing a musical instrument easier.

Strategic Thinking
Many games require more than just bashing buttons repeatedly. They require analytical skills and develop an individual's ability to make decisions quickly.

Much like a game of chess, a gamer is required to develop foresight, given a particular set of circumstances. This will hone their ability to predict outcomes, and to judge the most productive course of action in response to the challenges set by the game.

Teamwork and Social Skills

The popularity of the Internet has opened up a realm of games which require players to work with other humans in order to achieve collective outcomes. Some players wear headsets and talk to one another in real-time, in order to discuss tactics.

Many games have associated forums, and leaderboards, which create environments in which players can chat and discuss the games they play and other interests.

Generally, this is not the traditional face-to-face contact which some people would prefer to see youth engaging in. However, I would argue that games open up new avenues through which individuals who might otherwise never have met can develop meaningful relationships.
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The good effect of computer games is that you can learn how to follow instructions.
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There aren't really any good effects. They take up your time when you should be getting exercise. They take up space on your computer, and they are kind of useless.

I play them myself but I still don't think there are any good effects.

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