What Are The Effects Of Online Games To Students?


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Good question. As the advent of the internet, online games is more and more popular among the students. They try to get the excitement through the game. I think the effects on them is totally negative, wasting money and time. What a students should do is to concentrate  on the academy, get the high marks  in their academy achievement. If they tried of the study, they could seek for another kind of entertainment instead of the online games, e.g. The sports, running, basketball  and something like these. Online game could cost much time, few can spare it as a student. Secondly, sitting by a computer for a long time, is not good to our sights and skeleton. Thirdly, charge on internet and gamecards is a great sum, some of students can't afford this because they playing the game in private, without their parent's knowing. So once they are addicted, they would try hard find some illegal approach to get the money. This is my opinion. Thanks
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Elderly, finds gambling to be form of therapy. It is a place for them to socialize and interact with fellow elders. It alleviates their loneliness or feeling of uselessness brought by their age.

For the working class, gambling can make them relax from a hard day's work. If a tired person is relaxed, he is able to think and do well. For couples, it is an alternative way to bond together without the kids. It can take their mind off the pressures that they have. As a family, gambling is also one activity they can do with the kids as their bonding time. Any card game can be a fun if played with the whole family. Also, it is an activity for friends, who want to get together. While playing they can have good conversation and socialize.

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2. Video games are often blamed for poorly developed social skills in children. However, according to Psych Central, online games are actually helping children to develop a social circle beyond boundaries. Since majority of the games played online allow players from all over the world to come together and work coordinated to complete at given tasks or solve problems, these games actually help children to expand their friend circle. This is especially beneficial for children suffering from Autism as they can comfortably respond to many visual and verbal questions.

3. You cannot consider all online games to be mindless. According to assistant professor at the Michigan State University, John L. Sherry, many educators are now making use of the educational games in their classrooms as a highly motivational tool. The right kind of games are actually helping children master many fields efficiently, such as learning the basics of grammar to solving of complex maths problem without any drudgery of the many old-school flash cards.

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If you play a lot, it will cause them to get low grades and make them repeat the same thing all over again
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I feel it is a major distraction to me. I want to play and not study.
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